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Roasting Instructions
Using the Grill Meister PR Series Pig Roaster

Weather has a significant effect on using the pig roaster. Clear, high-pressure days are best, overcast; low-pressure days are the worst. It's up to the chef to figure out what's happening with the process throughout the cooking period and make changes when needed to keep things on track. With all that in mind grab your favorite summertime beverage, settle back and enjoy the day.

  • Place roaster on level ground. This is important before the pig starts to cook, grease needs to be able to drain properly and a large pig can tip a poorly balanced roaster.
  • Remove grill and drip pan
  • Pour 40 pounds (small) or 80 pounds (large) of charcoal into ash pan.
  • Drench unlit charcoal with one full can of charcoal lighter fluid. Use only charcoal lighter fluid. Any other combustible material may present extreme danger. Allow lighter fluid to soak into charcoal for about 10 minutes.
  • Light charcoal using a barbecue lighter or long match. Allow coals to burn about 30 minutes until coals begin to show a white ash forming but are still whole. This process will take longer on damp days.
  • Replace drip pan
  • Place grill on a flat surface and place whole pig with skin not removed, belly side down across the length of grill. Place grill in roaster. Close lid. Open both bottom and top vents completely.
  • Using thermometer in lid. Allow temperature to rise to 375 degrees. This will take about 1 hour. Adjust top and bottom vent together to level the roaster's temperature to 350 degrees. Maintain this temperature as well as possible. Typically temperatures range from 300-375 degrees.
  • Using the chart below calculate the length of time for cooking. These times are approximate. Use a meat thermometer to more accurately determine when the pig is done. The Joy of Cooking suggests that pork is safe to eat when it reaches 137 degrees. The Joy of Cooking also says a shoulder is done at 185 degrees. Our meat thermometer says pork should be 170 degrees.

  Live weight      100 lbs      150 lbs
300-325 degrees 8-9 hours 11-12 hours
325-350 degrees 7-8 hours 10-11 hours
  • It is not uncommon for grease to ignite if temperature rises too high. If this does occur, do not raise lid. Close top and bottom vents to reduce temperature, flame will extinguish automatically. If grease draining from roaster ignites, extinguish with baking soda. Never use water; grease will splatter.
  • When it is determined the pig is ready, remove the grill, with help to a table for carving. Remove the skin and slice the meat from the carcass. Bon Apetit!